DARK Act—Senate voting record

On March 16, the Senate voted narrowly (49-48, 3 Not Voting) to REJECT the bill known as the “DARK Act.” We should praise those who voted to reject this bill, and shame the others.

Let’s show special appreciation to the Republicans who voted against this bill! And don’t forget to support those Democrats who voted with the PEOPLE as well.

89% of Americans support labeling of food that contains GMOs. This is not a debate over the quality or safety of GMOs, but just your right to know about their existence. We label for everything else in our food, why not GMOs? The only reason to support this bill is to favor companies like Monsanto over the rights of the PEOPLE.

Anyone who voted to support this bill should be voted out of office at the next opportunity. Note the “term end” date after each name (in progress). Those ending in 2017 should be voted out this year!


Lamar Alexander R-TN, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Kelly A. Ayotte R-NH, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
John A. Barrasso R-WY, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)
Roy Blunt R-MO, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
John Boozman R-AR, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Richard Burr R-NC, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Shelley Moore Capito R-WV, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
William “Bill” Cassidy M.D. R-LA, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Dan Coats R-IN, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Thad Cochran R-MS, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Susan M. Collins R-ME, Nay (term ends: Jan 2021)
Bob Corker R-TN, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)
John Cornyn R-TX, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Tom Cotton R-AR, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Michael “Mike” Crapo R-ID, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Ted Cruz R-TX, Not Voting (term ends: Jan 2019)
Steve Daines R-MT, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Michael “Mike” B. Enzi R-WY, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Joni Ernst R-IA, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Deb Fischer R-NE, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)
Jeff Flake R-AZ, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)
Cory Gardner R-CO, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Lindsey Graham R-SC, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Chuck Grassley R-IA, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Orrin Hatch R-UT, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)
Dean Heller R-NV, Nay (term ends: Jan 2019)
John Hoeven R-ND, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
James M. Inhofe R-OK, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Johnny Isakson R-GA, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Ron Johnson R-WI, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Mark Steven Kirk R-IL, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
James Lankford R-OK, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Mike Lee R-UT, Nay (term ends: Jan 2017)
John S. McCain III R-AZ, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Mitch McConnell Jr. R-KY, Nay (term ends: Jan 2021)
NOTE: Sen. McConnell actually supports this bill, but changed vote at last minute so he can bring the bill back later!
Jerry Moran R-KS, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Lisa Murkowski R-AK, Nay (term ends: Jan 2017)
Rand Paul M.D. R-KY, Nay (term ends: Jan 2017)
David Perdue R-GA, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Rob Portman R-OH, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
James “Jim” E. Risch R-ID, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Pat Roberts R-KS, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Mike Rounds R-SD, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Marco Rubio R-FL, Not Voting (term ends: Jan 2017)
Ben Sasse R-NE, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Tim Scott R-SC, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Jeff Sessions R-AL, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Richard C. Shelby R-AL, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Dan Sullivan R-AK, Nay (term ends: Jan 2021)
John R. Thune R-SD, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Thom Tillis R-NC, Yea (term ends: Jan 2021)
Pat Toomey R-PA, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
David Vitter R-LA, Yea (term ends: Jan 2017)
Roger Wicker R-MS, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)


Tammy Baldwin D-WI, Nay
Michael Bennet D-CO, Nay
Richard Blumenthal D-CT, Nay
Cory Booker D-NJ, Nay
Barbara Boxer D-CA, Nay
Sherrod Brown D-OH, Nay
Maria Cantwell D-WA, Nay
Ben Cardin D-MD, Nay
Tom Carper D-DE, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)
Bob Casey Jr. D-PA, Nay
Chris Coons D-DE, Nay
Joe Donnelly D-IN, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)
Dick Durbin D-IL, Nay
Dianne Feinstein D-CA, Nay
Al Franken D-MN, Nay
Kirsten E. Gillibrand D-NY, Nay
Martin Heinrich D-NM, Nay
Heidi Heitkamp D-ND, Yea (term ends: Jan 2019)
Mazie Hirono D-HI, Nay
Tim Kaine D-VA, Nay
Amy Klobuchar D-MN, Nay
Patrick J. Leahy D-VT, Nay
Joe Manchin III D-WV, Nay
Edward J. Markey D-MA, Nay
Claire McCaskill D-MO, Nay
Bob Menendez D-NJ, Nay
Jeff Merkley D-OR, Nay
Barbara A. Mikulski D-MD, Nay
Christopher “Chris” S. Murphy D-CT, Nay
Patty Murray D-WA, Nay
Bill Nelson D-FL, Nay
Gary Peters D-MI, Nay
Jack Reed D-RI, Nay
Harry Reid D-NV, Nay
Brian E. Schatz D-HI, Nay
Chuck Schumer D-NY, Nay
Jeanne Shaheen D-NH, Nay
Debbie Stabenow D-MI, Nay
Jon Tester D-MT, Nay
Tom Udall D-NM, Nay
Mark R. Warner D-VA, Nay
Elizabeth Warren D-MA, Nay
Sheldon Whitehouse D-RI, Nay
Ron Wyden D-OR, Nay


Angus King I-ME, Nay
Bernie Sanders I-VT, Not Voting

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